Check in Cleaning

Check in cleaning is based in Amsterdam and has been one of the first users of the GoTickin Application. Within their portfolio of hotels they have experienced the full growth of the application and with their feedback GoTickin was able to become the application it is now. With the combination of Check in Cleaning hotels make sure that their housekeeping departments are run smoothly and organized.

EW Facility service

EW is the market leader in hospitality cleaning in The Netherlands. With their partners Hotel Cleaning Company and Hendriks Schoonmaakdiensten they are able to help the larger part of the cleaning market to use their systems and applications. GoTickin has been able to help out multiple property’s and is the preferred system for EW.

HFC / Hotel facility concepts

HFC integrates a full Facility management solution. With the use of GoTickin they are able to safe you costs on Housekeeping and maintenance.

Westerveld Schoonmaak

Westerveld was founded in 1945 and has been a facility service partner for years. With its first Hotel partner in 2020 they expand their experience into a new market. With the use of GoTickin Westerveld makes sure to take a great first step in being efficient and providing service with a smile.

GoTickin partners

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Assignment of
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Great productivity
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