Optimizing Hotel Operation

GoTickin is an advanced Cloud-based solution using latest technology that will increase guest satisfaction and improve the service level of the hotel. Its purpose is to help you solving housekeeping and maintenance issues, enhance staff productivity, minimize operational issues and share important information between the various departments in fast mode.

With GoTickin, you can easily assign tasks and track the activity of the room attendants, prioritize/queue room cleaning, report problems, schedule maintenance tasks, make sure periodic cleaning is taken care of and track guest belongings that have been left behind in a Lost & Found register.

Front Desk

Full featured reception dashboard showing current room status for all rooms

Monitor the cleaning tasks in real-time and change room cleaning priority using multiple levels.

No need for handwritten notes

Easily exchange messages between room attendants and/or management or, even better, makevoice calls free of charge using Wi-Fi.

Instant room-status updates from GoTickin to all major Property Management Systems

Ensures that guests are not being sent to a room that has not been cleaned yet.

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Personalized list of assigned rooms

Each cleaning team or room attendant knows exactly which rooms to clean and tasks to perform, including periodicals.

Advise of Do Not Disturb and late departure

Skips room cleaning and re-schedules the cleaning order of the rooms.

Maintenance notifications

Report a technical problem to the maintenance department, with a description and photos attached as needed.

Minibar and laundry posting

Charge minibar consumption and laundry items directly to the room bill.

Reports and statistics

Get a full picture of the cleaning progress, monitor and respond to the cleaning time of the rooms and optimize resources.


Instant alert of incoming notification

The maintenance department receives an e-mail or message to the handheld device as soon as the request is triggered.

Task scheduling

The chief of the department assigns a priority to the request and allocates the required resources based on expertise.

Reports and statistics

Detailed reports of maintenance tasks already completed and reported faults in real-time, assessment of labor requirements and scheduling of recurring task for preventive maintenance.

Accounting of expenses

Materials and workmanship are accurately calculated.

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Our helpdesk and technical support can be reached on business days from 09:00 to 16:00. The helpdesk will respond to all the problems and questions, from users’ questions to specific technical support questions.

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