Integration management is done by our partner Eurofluxo Easylynq. With the Easylynq software, GoTickin is able to connect with many PMS systems to ensure the correct data setup. With over 30 years of experience with integration management Eurofluxo Easylynq is able to also develop new connections and we are always willing to invest in connecting with your PMS system.

Are you already using the Easylynq interface then you are in luck and integration can be done easy and quick. Are you not sure about connections and interfaces please get in contact and we are able to tell you all about this.

Cloud Based and fully integrated.

The combination with our WinClient for windows systems and application for Android and iOS your hotel is ready to go digital.

GoTickin is a fully Cloud based SaaS. This means no data center or storage is managed on location and can be set up fully automatic. Your connection with the PMS system with the Eurofluxo Easylynq interface takes care of all communication and makes sure room status is transferred to the PMS system. With our live data your systems are always up to date and with live cleaning activities your reception is informed about the activities of your housekeeping department.

Are you still having doubts or questions about interfaces? Let us get in contact and we will explain you all about interfaces and take care of any doubts.

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As GoTickin we do nothing more then help you out getting a higher employee and guest satisfaction. Therefor you are looking for an housekeeping app, Maintenance system, facility management software, lost and found system and a way to set up your multi property communication. Book your demo and GoTickin can help you out with all these features in one great hotel software solution.

Do not disturb and
Leftover possibilities

Adjust and

Messages and notifications
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Assignment of
supervisors to floors
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Great productivity
insight per attendant
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Build with feedback from these users GoTickin. Happy users are the base of our great development story. Find out how they use the system and why you should start telling us what needs to be improved in GoTickin.

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Van der Valk Breukelen

GoTickin and Van der Valk Breukelen Van der Valk Breukelen is one of the first users of the GoTickin software. Over the last view years the feedback from the users has helped us develop GoTickin further. Partnership with outsourced cleaning companies have also resulted in making GoTickin develop more possibility's for both partners. Using the...
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Ambassade Hotel Amsterdam

GoTickin and Ambassade Hotel Amsterdam The Ambassade hotel is known for its great service and high performance on guest satisfaction. To make sure all departments run smooth and effortless, the hotel has chosen GoTickin to help its operation perform on this high standard. The housekeeping department and Front office communication is highly efficient with the...
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Hard Rock hotel Amsterdam American

GoTickin and Hard Rock hotel Amsterdam American With the use of the Housekeeping module, Maintenance module and service areas the hotel enables themselves to have great communication, easy use of the application to their benefit and make sure all users are able to get insight into their operation. With the recent implementation of the maintenance...
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Anantara Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky

GoTickin and Anantara Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky Anantara Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky uses the housekeeping module to make sure the demands of the guests are fulfilled every day. With over 450 hotel rooms, the housekeeping has a great challenge every day and with the help of GoTickin this job is made more easy. The possibility to change...
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Eden Hotel Amsterdam

GoTickin and Eden Hotel Amsterdam Eden Hotel Amsterdam is using the Housekeeping module, Maintenance module and the use of Service Areas. With these modules the hotel is able to manage their full facility department and make life easier for all. The combination with the outsources housekeeping department works better with insight into productivity, communication and...
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Grand Hotel Huis Ter Duin

GoTickin and Grand Hotel Huis Ter Duin Grand Hotel Huis Ter Duin is a very well known hotel within the Dutch hotel market and used to house many national and international celebrity’s, including one former president of the USA. With the help of GoTickin Grand Hotel Huis Ter Duin is able to assist all its...
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The Dylan

GoTickin and The Dylan The Dylan is one of the most prestigious hotels in the city of Amsterdam and offers 5 star service to its guests with the help of GoTickin. With the housekeeping module the housekeeping department is able to help and assist guests with all requests. To make sure the guests are surrounded...
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