GoTickin and The Dylan

The Dylan is one of the most prestigious hotels in the city of Amsterdam and offers 5 star service to its guests with the help of GoTickin. With the housekeeping module the housekeeping department is able to help and assist guests with all requests. To make sure the guests are surrounded with luxury, The Dylan is also using the Maintenance module. This enables the hotel to make sure the hotel keeps it prestigious appearance and with over 40 public areas, maintenance is able to manage their team smooth and easy.

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Alexandra de Brito, Housekeeping executive

“Being a small hotel, but with high expectations from the guests, Housekeeping was often besieged with constant calls for requests and rooms readiness. Not only depending on the clean rooms, but also on the minibar, it was a daily challenge to manage constant information/requests.

Since the system was implemented, including the minibar tasks, everything became clearer and faster for the check in process for the reception.

Also, the possibility of being able, at any time, to manage technical problems, avoids the constant misunderstandings and enables us to have a better communication with the technical department.

For the rooms attendants is a blessing, ergonomically because the long walks in search of free rooms are over and the long waits to question the supervisors, no longer exist, the contact is direct. I think that for the new generation of room maids, this application is more attractive than the old paper lists from before!

In fact, this system only brought benefits to our department. Providing a quicker response to the needs of our guests and making, internally, a more professional and efficient environment.”

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