GoTickin Easylynq beginning

GoTickin Easylynq was built in 2017. With the collaboration of a facility cleaning company GoTickin Easylynq was created to help hotels and the facility cleaning company to efficiently plan, track and control cleaning activities.

With Eurofluxo international as a main initiator of the product, GoTickin Easylynq was able to grow as a product. Eurofluxo international has over 30 years of experience in hospitality IT and is rooted in hospitality interfaces with their Easylynq products.

With the combination of the feedback from the hotels, cleaning companies and IT knowledge of Eurofluxo International GoTickin Easylynq has grown as a product offering multiple modules.

Created for YOU by Friends of you

Be done with daily paperwork nightmares, planning of manual task assignment, constant calling and
asking colleagues for information. Information is key into making your operation as efficient as possible.


Organizing your hotel wit IT products can be a challenge. Most hotels use external partners with their understanding of IT to organize and set up your IT environment. Their advice and knowledge will bring your hotel to the next level. With 30 years of experience in the IT business we are familiar with most of them.

GoTickin Easylynq and Eurofluxo International have created an Interface environment that enables you to run on multi properties, set up your call accounting software and can bring solutions in GoTickin Easylynq that your PMS systems might not be able to adjust and develop.

Therefor we are welcoming your feedback and will always be open to see what development can be done to enhance your operation!


As the hart of every hotel, the housekeeping department is one of the most diverse, challenging, adaptive and productive departments of your organization. With GoTickin we have developed an application that is loved by so many housekeeping staff all over Europe.

With the ever changing demands of the guest your Housekeeping department deserves an application that works for them and makes sure the works gets better organized. This was the reason to develop GoTickin Easylynq with the feedback of this department. We will always learn and develop from your feedback. In whatever hotel you are situated, with any amount of rooms and with every daily challenge you face, GoTickin Easylynq will be able to help you out!


With the addition of the Maintenance module your maintenance department will never be ill informed again! We know and hear the struggles this department faces with daily communication, maintenance tasks and all other ad hoc actions needed.

To inform and be informed about Maintenance task you can enhance your department with GoTickin Easylynq and make it possible for all users to create new tasks. Are you still using calls/emails/whatsapp groups to inform your Maintenance department? Are you losing overview of all the tasks that need to be done? With the easy to use application every user is able to create the issue that they encounter in your property.

As a maintenance member you can keep track of all the issues, organize, plan, assign and prioritize the issues. This gives your management insight into the current situations and repairs that need to be made in your properties.

With multi properties you can even manage your full maintenance team on server properties to be even more efficient.


Information is Key for your reception team. With GoTickin reception overview all your reception staff is able to inform guest better and more accurate. Cleaning in progress insight gives the reception a direct insight into housekeeping activities.

With many demanding guest come very demanding questions and requests. With GoTickin you are able to set tasks, track tasks and make sure your guest requests are followed to the details.

As we know the reception needs to have an easy and quick overview of all housekeeping information and therefor GoTickin has its own reception overview. With quick information about all room status and all priorities listed.

All staff

Our main goal is to make GoTickin easy to use, logical and most of all accessible for all users. As we know hospitality is one of the most international oriented businesses. Therefor GoTickin offers multi language possibilities including Arabic. This makes it possible for all your users to fully use the system and make sure your departments runs smooth and with great communication.

Why us and why this system

We base our business and GoTickin Easylynq on experienced people with knowledge and real operational experience within the hospitality. Information is key and we bring hospitality knowledge together with IT knowledge. 

Together with our great development team we are always looking for new opportunities to see how we can assist and even better understand the business we are in. With already 30 years of experience we have seen it all and are on top of new developments within the markets. This enables us to make the best working system for you.

GoTickin partners

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Build with feedback from these users GoTickin. Happy users are the base of our great development story. Find out how they use the system and why you should start telling us what needs to be improved in GoTickin.

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Van der Valk Breukelen

GoTickin and Van der Valk Breukelen Van der Valk Breukelen is one of the first users of the GoTickin software. Over the last view years the feedback from the users has helped us develop GoTickin further. Partnership with outsourced cleaning companies have also resulted in making GoTickin develop more possibility's for both partners. Using the...
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Ambassade Hotel Amsterdam

GoTickin and Ambassade Hotel Amsterdam The Ambassade hotel is known for its great service and high performance on guest satisfaction. To make sure all departments run smooth and effortless, the hotel has chosen GoTickin to help its operation perform on this high standard. The housekeeping department and Front office communication is highly efficient with the...
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Clayton Hotel Amsterdam American

GoTickin and Clayton hotel Amsterdam American With the use of the Housekeeping module, Maintenance module and service areas the hotel enables themselves to have great communication, easy use of the application to their benefit and make sure all users are able to get insight into their operation. With the recent implementation of the maintenance module...
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Anantara Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky

GoTickin and Anantara Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky Anantara Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky uses the housekeeping module to make sure the demands of the guests are fulfilled every day. With over 450 hotel rooms, the housekeeping has a great challenge every day and with the help of GoTickin this job is made more easy. The possibility to change...
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Eden Hotel Amsterdam

GoTickin and Eden Hotel Amsterdam Eden Hotel Amsterdam is using the Housekeeping module, Maintenance module and the use of Service Areas. With these modules the hotel is able to manage their full facility department and make life easier for all. The combination with the outsources housekeeping department works better with insight into productivity, communication and...
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Grand Hotel Huis Ter Duin

GoTickin and Grand Hotel Huis Ter Duin Grand Hotel Huis Ter Duin is a very well known hotel within the Dutch hotel market and used to house many national and international celebrity’s, including one former president of the USA. With the help of GoTickin Grand Hotel Huis Ter Duin is able to assist all its...
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The Dylan

GoTickin and The Dylan The Dylan is one of the most prestigious hotels in the city of Amsterdam and offers 5 star service to its guests with the help of GoTickin. With the housekeeping module the housekeeping department is able to help and assist guests with all requests. To make sure the guests are surrounded...
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