GoTickin and Van der Valk Breukelen

Van der Valk Breukelen is one of the first users of the GoTickin software. Over the last view years the feedback from the users has helped us develop GoTickin further.

Partnership with outsourced cleaning companies have also resulted in making GoTickin develop more possibility’s for both partners. Using the Housekeeping module of GoTickin has proven to work for Van der Valk Breukelen and in their own words “we will always work with GoTickin as our Housekeeping system”.


Maartje Schepers, Operations Manager

“We have been working with GoTickin for years. GoTickin has enabled us to increase efficiency in Housekeeping and Front Office communication.

With the use of the Application for Android and Apple devices, we are able to see what rooms are being cleaned, send text messages, add extra guest requests and any last minute changes. We have a very high turnover of guests and GoTickin helps our daily operation run without any mayor communication issues.

GoTickin is a true partner and with the introduction of the use of Hotels for Tree’s (Greenstay option), GoTickin provided us with a possibility to integrate this within the system. This is not only the proof that we have chosen the correct system but also the right service behind the system. We are very content with our partnership and would like to thank Jeroen and Lex for their support and service to us!

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