Housekeeping has never been so easy for Beau-Rivage Palace Hotel

Since 1861, Beau-Rivage Palace has been proving that tradition and innovation – just like cultural heritage and modernity – complement each other very well. This ambassador of the highest Swiss hotel tradition is a great example of the country’s typically excellent hospitality. Classed as one of the best hotels in Europe, it is made up of two buildings connected via the so-called La Rotonde, built in 1908. Between 2012 and 2014, the renowned interior designer Pierre-Yves Rochon oversaw the renovation of all the rooms. He chose many pastel colours and introduced mirror effects so as to bring the calming atmosphere of the lake right into the heart of the 5-star hotel.

GoTickin and Beau-Rivage Palace Hotel

With high standards of service comes high demands for Software as a Solutions. With The feedback of Beau-Rivage Palace Hotel, GoTickin has been able to develop to the highest standards. With the use of the full possibilities of GoTickin, Beau-Rivage Palace Hotel is able to streamline guest demands and high service. With a maintenance team overseeing two more hotels of the Sandoz Foundation Hotels (Chateau D’Ouchy and Angleterre & Residence), that also use GoTickin, they have the ability to manage all maintenance issues in all three hotels with one system.

Full integration with the PMS system the hotel has the possibilities to post Minibar items directly to guest balances. This safes time and money every day.


Joscha Kranz, Front Office manager

“Excellent customer service and easy to use software. Phone-less communication between front and housekeeping or even other departments is the future of our industry – thanks to GoTickin!”

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